Road Traffic

Despite all efforts to move to more environmentally-friendly vehicle drives, moderate growth of the “Global Diesel Engine Market” is predicted for the next 5 years.

HEION DIESEL reduces emissions of NOx by 16% and soot by more than 75% and offers the opportunity to at least neutralize pollutant emissions caused by this growth.


Diesel remains the most important fuel for railway routes. On the largest global rail network, in the USA, 40,000 diesel locomotives operate on a railway network of more than 225,000 km. US DIESEL® could be a solution for reducing exhaust emissions in rail traffic as well.



The international shipping industry consumes approx. 300 million barrels (1 barrel is approx. 160 l) of fossil fuels such as crude oil, marine gas oil and diesel every day and therefore contributes a significant share of air pollution. The International Maritime Organisation has set itself the goal of cutting these emissions in half by 2050. US DIESEL® helps to achieve this goal.