Ambient temperature is being used as an energy source for the first time.

20. September 2022

Siblin, Lohmar

The invention is a thin-walled plate collector for generating and storing electrical energy, based on a new material "HEIONIT". HEIONIT is made from recycled, non-fossil source materials.

HEIONIT absorbs ambient heat in the temperature range from 5° C to 50° C and converts it into electrical energy, which it then stores until it is needed. The time it takes to reach the maximum charge depends on the amount of temperature: the warmer it is, the faster the charging takes place. The effect can be increased by contact with a warm object or by solar heating. The energy can be called up at any time while the charging process starts again. The time to full charge is between 15 and 45 minutes.


Energy saving and climate protection: So far, energy has been used to lower the room temperature or the heat escapes into the atmosphere. The HEION process lowers the room temperature and thereby gains energy.

Low Cost and Environmental Benefits: The material is primarily obtained from the waste product of a production process in the recycling of used cooking oils for further processing into biodiesel.

Availability and dependency:  No rare earths - in particular no lithium, cobalt or copper - are required in the manufacturing process, so there is no dependency on imports from third countries.

Better CO2 footprint:  Due to the availability of raw materials in Germany, there is no need for complex logistics solutions and raw material extraction in third countries - with negative local consequences. The production process is low-energy.

In a nutshell:

In the future, the technology will enable the cost-effective production of self-sufficient systems that can quickly generate electricity from thermal energy, store it and release it over a longer period of time.

This technology can be implemented independently in Germany and is very easily scalable due to the relatively uncomplicated production methods and the very high availability of raw materials.

With HEIONIT, electricity is produced in a decentralized, autonomous and cost-effective manner and it can thus make a significant contribution to the climate and energy problem worldwide.

This is not the well-known Seebeck effect, but a new method for which a patent is pending.

"Nobody has yet found a material that can generate and even store electricity at such low temperatures" and, according to founder Anton Ledwon, "is a quantum leap to the previously known possibilities."

HEION GmbH is an innovative green tech start-up with branches in NRW, SH and South Carolina, USA and the inventors of HEION Diesel, which has now established itself as an alternative to conventional diesel on the German market and is patented in more than 40 countries .

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